In order to use this website you must abide by the Terms of Usage. 

Our Terms of Usage are:


1. You must own the original photo, artwork or graphics before you upload it.

2. Models must have a model release signed.

3. Stockphotographic is about quality. Do not upload images that are of low quality.

4. Pornography will not be tolerated. Nudes may be accepted if deemed as suitable.

5. By agreeing to the terms of usage, you take full responsibility for the works you upload, Stockphotographic is the host that is storing the image for you to assist with selling it. You retain all rights and liabilities associated with the the use of this image.

6. Photos that do not meet our criteria will not be authorised and questionable photos may be removed upon request at any time.


I understand the purpose of Stockphotographic.com is to assist photographers with selling their works and agree to uphold these terms as stated above.